Aashika Bhatia


Aashika Bhatia is a child actress and social media star best known for her work in the TV show “Meera,” “Found a Treasure Called Love,” and “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.” Several of her movies and TV shows have been a commercial success and gained her notoriety as a popular actress.


Aashika Bhatia was born on December 15, 1999 in Gujarat, India. She has one brother, Dev. From a young age, Aashika loved to dance and sing and found her passion in acting. Her parents separated at a young age and she still lives with her mother, Minu. 

Aashika grew up as a child actor and made her first television appearance as young Meera on the 2009 series “Meera.” She grew up with private tutoring due to her acting schedule.

As of August 2021, Aashika has more than 5.4 million followers on Instagram and 16 million followers on TikTok. She does not have an official Twitter or YouTube page. 

Following her debut in “Meera” in 2009, Aashika starred in the 2011 show “Parvarrish: Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi” as Gulwant Ahluwalia. She was then seen in “Found a Treasure Called Love” as Radhika in 2015. In 2016, she starred in the TV series “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi” as Nikki Dixit for hundreds of episodes. She was also featured in the crime show “Gumraah” and Colors TV’s “Ek Shringaar-Swabhiman.” 

Several of her movies and TV shows were huge hits and commercial successes. In addition to her work on TV and in the movies, Aashika has been seen in a number of TV commercials over the years, including “Clinic Plus” and more. 

Since joining TikTok, Aashika has become one of India’s most-followed stars on the platform and shares a variety of videos, including lip-sync videos. In one viral video, she dueted a pretend musical fight with her best friend, Shriya Jain. According to the stars, they will sometimes fight like that. 

In the past, Aashika has been in a relationship with fellow TikTok star Satvik Sankyan. The pair broke up in 2019 and later got back together, though it is unclear if they stayed together. 

In 2019, Aashika tore a ligament and was hospitalized for the injury, though weeks later she recovered. 

That same year, Aashika received hate on social media regarding her body and her weight, and she clapped back at her followers by telling them they needed to respect her and her body, or unfollow her. 

Aashika came under controversy in 2020 when a start-up fashion company claimed she violated the terms of their contract. The Instagram account “@Shopwithtrust” posted a photo of Aashika in one of their outfits and said they had a collaboration worked out for several outfits and 15,000 in investments, which the company could not afford to lose. The actress allegedly did not post about the clothing on social media and did not credit the company as requested, and her management changed the terms of the contract last minute.

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